SPELINGEN – a new Harp Concerto by Wilbert Bulsink

In April will be the first performance of  Spelingen, the new harp concerto by Wilbert Bulsink. Miriam will play with the Dutch ‘Orkest van het Oosten’ (Orchestra of the East-Netherlands) under the direction of conductor Ed Spanjaard.


April, 12th in Zwolle, NL, & April, 13th in Enschede, NL – more info HIER.


Composer Wilbert Bulsink wrote in  2013 for Miriam the short solo piece ‚voordat‘.

For a concert in Cairo with the European Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble, Miriam asked him to add an accompanying ensemble part to the solo piece.

Ed Spanjaard who conducted the piece in Egypt suggested to add three more parts to the piece for harp and symphony orchestra and to perform it with his orchestra in Enschede.

Spelingen works with different harp techniques and gives each of them a focus in one of the movements: very high and soft flageolet-sounds, very loud and hobo-like sounds with a sponge on the stings and damped sounds with a cloth woven through the whole harp. And finally, there are also some ‘normal’ harp melodies…