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Ensemble Lumaka play the last performances of Visionaire Timbres 1926 -theatrical concert under artistic direction of Miriam with music and text –

  • 25-2, 11.00h, Bloemendaal, info
  • 5-3, 20.00h, Wageningen, info
  • 8-4, 12.00h, Amsterdam, Vondel CS


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Ensemble Lumaka are: Jana Machalett, flute, Saskia Viersen, violin, Martina Forni, viola, Charles Watt, cello and Miriam Overlach, harp

The Lumaka Ensemble

“Lumaka transports the audience with playful ease into a new world of atmospheres and colours, of moods and exotic thoughts”. The Lumaka Ensemble, based in Amsterdam, is currently one of the Netherland’s most active chamber ensembles; its instrumental composition of harp, flute, and string trio combine to make a unique sound world.

The Lumaka Ensemble began their career almost 15 years ago when they won the International Chamber Music Competition in Almere and Het Debuut amongst other competitions. They perform in major festivals and regularly give concerts both in the Netherlands and abroad. Heard frequently on Dutch Radio 4 and Concertzender, this will be their third CD release.

When circumstances require, the Ensemble also collaborates with actors, writers, and lighting designers for special projects. They also often provide personal introductions to their programmes, making their concerts mind-expanding, fairytale experiences.

The ensemble combines its enthusiasm for music from between the two World Wars with new forms of concert-giving in their concert series MOnuMENTEN 1920, performing in buildings from the same period.

In the 2016-2017 season they toured their production Visionaire Timbres 1926, in the Netherlands to great acclaim, receiving high praise from the Dutch Volkskrant, which described their ensemble playing as simply “excellent”.